IPPOLITO ADVOGADOS is a law firm founded in 1992 by Marcelo Baeta Ippolito. We focus our practice on tax law for business clients. Our services include tax consulting and tax litigation at both the administrative and judicial levels.

Because of the professional experience of our founding partner, who worked in the tax consulting area at Arthur Andersen, our services have always been marked by a deep knowledge of accounting and accessory tax obligations. This knowledge is fundamental for the interpretation, understanding and application of business tax law and case decisions.

At IPPOLITO ADVOGADOS we use our professional team’s technical knowledge and abilities to conduct tax procedure reviews for companies as part of our regular practice. These reviews help our clients identify potential liabilities, as well as find opportunities to reduce their tax burden while strictly complying with the law.



Preparation of tax memoranda and opinions regarding Brazilian federal, state, federal district and municipal taxes for individuals and corporations in Brazil and abroad;

Tax planning for the structuring of local and international transactions;

Preparation of formal requests for rulings from Brazilian federal, state and municipal tax authorities; and

Advice in obtaining permission to participate in special tax systems, pay taxes in installments and take advantage of tax incentives at the Brazilian federal, state and municipal levels.

Conducting “Fiscal Committee” meetings to help a company’s management establish an organized system for creating, discussing and defining strategies and establishing responsibilities in regard to tax issues that could directly or indirectly affect the company’s results.

Presenting seminars about current taxes issues of general interest to companies to help participants deepen their knowledge and share their experience; and

Preparing in-company courses about specific tax issues to train employees who work in the legal, tax and accounting departments.

Litigation at the judicial and administrative levels;

Our tax consulting department supports our tax litigation department in litigation at both the administrative and judicial levels by providing in-depth technical support regarding complex accounting issues and accessory tax obligations;

. At the administrative level, our services are based on defending taxpayers at administrative law hearings and appeals, including challenges and appellate briefs and oral argument before administrative law judges;

. At the judicial level, our litigation practice includes challenging taxes that were wrongly levied and related issues and defending taxpayers in tax execution actions, including on appeal.



Advice in the contractual field, including analyzing, reviewing and preparing civil, commercial and business contracts;

Advice in civil law (including family and estate law), real estate, commercial, corporate and consumer law matters and advice in business transactions;

Advice for limited and simple business companies, corporations, associations and foundations.


Litigation at trial and on appeal at the state and federal levels, including before the Supreme Court, and in special civil courts in civil law matters;

Litigation in administrative law courts.


Advice in interpreting and applying employment law, including in regard to employment routines;

Advice, examination and preparation of employment agreements for regular employees, skilled employees and upper-management employees, as well as outsourcing agreements;

Advice in terminating employment relationships;

Preventive advice and planning to avoid employment litigation and to evaluate and prevent contingent employment liabilities;

Preparation of legal opinions and advice in employment and social security law matters and studies regarding specific problems.


Defending clients in employment litigation at trial and on appeal, including oral arguments, as well as alternative dispute resolution using mediation, arbitration and collective bargaining to defend our client’s interests in relation to unions.


Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 1309 – 10º andar – Pinheiros

CEP 01452-002 – São Paulo – SP

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